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Do you know your units?

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Question 1

How often do you drink alcohol?

Question 2

How many units of alcohol do you have on a typical day drinking?

Question 3

How often do you have six or more units on one occasion?

Question 4

How often are you able to stop drinking alcohol or slow down once you have started?

Question 5

How often in the past 12 months have you missed class, an appointment or sports because you were still drunk or hungover?

Question 6

How often during the past 12 months, after a heavy drinking session, have you started drinking again in the morning?

Question 7

How often during the past 12 months have you had a feeling of guilt or regret because of alcohol?

Question 8

How often during the last 12 months have you been unable to remember 100% of what happened the night before because of drinking alcohol?

Question 9

Have you been injured or injured someone else as a result of drinking alcohol? i.e. sprains or bruises, fights, mugged

Question 10

Has anyone (friend, relative, team mate or classmate, academic or university support staff) voiced their concern about your alcohol drinking?

Question 11

How often in the past 12 months have you woken up still feeling drunk?

Question 12

Have your friendships or relationships been damaged due to alcohol use?

Question 13

Do you feel obliged to drink alcohol?

Question 14

How often do you pre-drink before going out?

Question 15

Do you feel safe drinking at home?

Question 16

Do you feel safe drinking in a bar?

Question 17

In the past 12 months, how often have drinking games ruined your night?

Question 18

Do you worry about the long term effects alcohol may have on your academic performance?

Question 19

What drink would you normally consume?

How many drinks on average would you have in an average week?

1 unit = 61 calories = 6 minutes running

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